Grünau im Almtal

Grünau im Almtal Summer Vacation 528 - 2.515 meters

Vacation in Grünau im Almtal

Grünau im Almtal is located at the feet of the Dead Mountains.
In Grunau im Almtal you can enjoy the friendship between man and nature.

At the feet of the Dead Mountains, away from main roads and noise, at the Austrian Romantikstraße.

Mountain Sports
Around Grunau is a landscape that is particularly beautiful, and where you can find various rare plants and animals.

There are also several hiking trails through the beautiful scenery, and opportunities for cycling and mountain biking.

Water Sports
The Großer and Kleiner Ödsee are located southeast of the village, in the direction of the Almsee, in the idyllic Hetzautal.

It is a nature reserve, and the ideal place to enjoy water in a passive way.

A wonderful nature and wildlife park, where you can walk on endless trails.

Typical are the forests, and the many ponds, but also the forests and meadows are very beautiful.

Winter sports Winter Kasberg

Tourist information office

Im Dorf 17 4645 Grünau im Almtal
Telephone: +43 (0)7616 8268

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