Hellmonsödt Summer Vacation 824 meters

Vacation in Hellmonsödt

Hellmonsödt is very popular with hikers.
Hellmonsödt is a nice small holiday village, surrounded by lush meadows and deep forests, with a herbal, healthy air.

Especially the surrounding countryside, and the beautiful nature, make the village very popular with hikers, among others.

Mountain Sports
Around Hellmonsödt are beautiful hiking trails, there are ample opportunities for cycling and mountain biking, and the area is ideal for horse riding.

Water Sports
The special outdoor swimming pool has an underwater bench, but also a children's pool with water slide, and various other appealing features.

Gotische Pfarrkirche.
The Gothic parish church is mentioned for the first time in a document of 1212, and according to other sources, was destroyed in 1428.

The church is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.

Also worth seeing are the Artemons-Museum and the Freilichtmuseum Pelmberg.

Winter Winter Schilifte Kirchschlag

Tourist information office

Ringstraße 77 4190 Bad Leonfelden
Telephone: +43 (0)7213 6397
Email: kurverband@badleonfelden.at

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