Schenkenfelden Summer Vacation 735 meters

Vacation in Schenkenfelden

Schenkenfelden has many traditions.
Schenkenfelden is a fun and charming village, and has many traditions.

The village is surrounded by mountains, meadows and forests, and is a destination where you like to spend the holiday in nature.

Mountain Sports
Schenkenfelden is not only a beautiful destination if you want to go hiking, but also for cyclists.

There are beautiful hiking trails, and bike trail Wasserscheide Radwanderweg runs through the village of Lichtenberg, the southernmost point of the European watershed.

Water Sports
The region has some beautiful pools in the surrounding villages, where some other water sports are also offered.

Krämerei "Gerstlhaus".
Worth seeing are the Gothic parish church, the Kalvarienbergkirche, Krämerei "Gerstlhaus" with former Post Office and residence of a former merchant family, the Märchenteich, and the fun Märchenwanderweg.

Winter Winter Schilifte Kirchschlag

Tourist information office

Ringstraße 77 4190 Bad Leonfelden
Telephone: +43 (0)7213 6397

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