Vorderweißenbach Summer Vacation 710 meters

Vacation in Vorderweißenbach

Vorderweißenbach is a beautiful holiday destination.
Vorderweißenbach is a hospitable village, known as a holiday destination to with good food.

The village is a beautiful holiday destination with untouched nature and many leisure activities in both summer and winter.

Mountain Sports
Vorderweißenbach is especially a good destination if you wanna go hiking in the holiday, with beautiful hiking trails such as the Sternsteinweg, the Bernhardschlagrunde or the Spitzwies-Wanderung.

Water Sports
The village has no facilities for water sports, but this is offered in the surrounding villages.

Weberei Kitzmüller.
Worth seeing are the parish church, and Weberei Kitzmüller, where you can watch how certain types of textiles are made.

Winter Winter Schilifte Kirchschlag

Tourist information office

Ringstraße 77 4190 Bad Leonfelden
Telephone: +43 (0)7213 6397
Email: kurverband@badleonfelden.at

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