Zwettl an der Rodl

Zwettl an der Rodl Summer Vacation 60810 meters

Vacation in Zwettl an der Rodl

Zwettl an der Rodl is a nice and cozy village.
Zwettl an der Rodl has a long tradition in the field of tourism, because in earlier times came many guests who traveled from the Danube to Bohemia.

A nice and cozy village, with many leisure activities and outdoor sports.

Mountain Sports
The area around the village is known as a good holiday destination in the summer months, and of course, fall and spring, to go hiking through the beautiful nature.

Water Sports
Zwettl there are no opportunities for swimming, but in the region are several swimming pools.

Schaustall Bio-Bauer Danner.
Worth seeing are the parish church, Atelier Galerie + Weber, the Bienenmuseum, Schaustall Bio-Bauer Danner, a breeding stable of Scottish Highlander, and Bio-Käserei Langzwettl.

Winter Winter Schilifte Kirchschlag

Tourist information office

Ringstraße 77 4190 Bad Leonfelden
Telephone: +43 (0)7213 6397

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