Rankweil Sommer Vacation 465 meters

Vacation in Rankweil

Rankweil is world famous.
Rankweil is only a few kilometers from Feldkirch, and is world famous for the Basilica.

The castle and pilgrimage church, with the statue Gnadenbild Mariens from 1470 and a cross that would do wonders from 1233.

You can also enjoy a spectacular setting, and the view from mountain.

Mountain Sports
Hiking on hiking trails that pass through the beautiful countryside, on slopes and the valley

A beautiful area to sit back, relax and enjoy the nature.

Water Sports
Swimming, relaxing, surfing and having fun is possible in Erholungsgebiet Paspels.

And Lake Constance has of course much more to offer.

Because here are almost all water sports available, both passive and active.

On top of the Liebfrauenberg, high above the rooftops of Rankweil.

There is the Basilica Rankweil, a well-known fortress and Pilgrimage church.

From the romantic Wallwalk you have a wonderful view over the Rhine Valley.

Winter sports Winter Laterns

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Surrounding Villages
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