Thüringerberg Summer Vacation 878 meters

Vacation in Thüringerberg

Thüringerberg is one of the most beautiful mountain villages.
Thüringerberg is located on the sunny side at the entrance of the Walsertal.

The village is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Vorarlberg and offers a unique view of the mountains of Vorarlberg with the Schadonasattel, the Rotte Wand and the Three Sisters in the Rätikon.

Mountain Sports
The region around Thüringerberg is perfect for hiking.

For example, from the center to the ruins Blumberg or the Alpen Alpila.

The region is also known for its excellent climbing routes, such as on the Hüttenkopf and the Hochgerach.

Water Sports
The Seewaldsee is just a few kilometers from the village and offers very good opportunities to swim in a beautiful lake.

Ruine Blumenegg.
The Ruin Blumenegg can be reached after a short but beautiful walk and still shows that the region was important in earlier times.

Winter sports Winter Skilifte Raggal

Tourist information office

Jagdbergstraße 272 6721 Thüringerberg
Telephone: +43 (0)554 5150

Surrounding Villages
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