Sankt Gerold

Sankt Gerold Summer Vacation 848 meters

Vacation in Sankt Gerold

Sankt Gerold is the cultural highlight.
Sankt Gerold is the cultural highlight in the Biosphärenpark.

A thousand years ago, here the history of the valley began, and the main attraction is the world renowned cultural offerings of the Propstei.

The Propstei is surrounded by meadows and forests, mountains and creeks.

Mountain Sports
The Sinn-Weg, in the forest under the Propstei, is a hiking trail full of peace and tranquility.

And there are more very nice hiking trails around Sankt Gerold.

Water Sports
Water sports are offered in the region, such as swimming in the Seewaldsee.

The Propstei, the cultural center of the region, is a monastery, including restaurant and wine cellar, and the program offered and the concerts are known far beyond the borders.

Winter sports Winter Skilifte Raggal

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