Raggal - Marul

Raggal - Marul Summer Vacation 1.016 meters

Vacation in Raggal - Marul

Raggal is a holiday village for everyone.
Raggal - Marul is a holiday village for everyone.

For young and old, big and small, and in particular a perfect holiday for families and lovers of pure nature.

Also a popular holiday camping site.

Mountain Sports
A village with extensive opportunities for different forms of mountain sports.

Quiet walks in the village, long hikes in the area and the valley, or in the surrounding mountains.

Climbing tours, with or without a guide.

Riding through a beautiful mountain scenery.

Water Sports
Swimming is possible in the surrounding villages, for example in the Seewaldsee.

Other water sports are offered in the surrounding region.

Forest adventure path.
The Forest adventure path consists of two different long hiking routes and is a special and exciting tour.

A highlight on both walks is 300 years old Ulme, a labyrinth, a waterfall and a BBQ area with hammocks.

Other attractions such as a tree house, a gorge and a cheese factory, can only be seen on the 2nd tour.

Also worth seeing are the Maruler Biosennerei and the Lasanggabrücke.

Winter sports Winter Skilifte Raggal

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