Reuthe Summer Vacation 650 meters

Vacation in Reuthe

Reuthe offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active holiday.
Reuthe is located in the Hinterwald, and is best known for the church built in 1284.

The church was built on wooded cliffs, and occupies a special place in the village.

The area surrounding the village offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active holiday, with many possible hiking routes and trips by bike or mountain bike.

Mountain Sports
The impressive landscape is ideal for mountain sports such as hiking and mountain biking, on some beautiful and challenging routes.

Water Sports
Water sports such as fishing, rafting and swimming are possible in the surrounding villages in the Bregenz Forest.

Schnellvorsäß, Brünnelisegg, en Rohralpe.
In the Alpine region of Schnellvorsäß, Brünnelisegg and Rohralpe is a special area, with a number of particular plant and animal species.

Winter sports Winter Mellau Damüls

Tourist information office

Vorderreuthe 139 6870 Reuthe
Telephone: +43 (0)5514 2459

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