Bregenzerwald Summer Vacation 564 - 1.500 meters

Vacation in Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald is located against Switzerland.
The Bregenzerwald is located in Vorarlberg, in western Austria, against Switzerland.

Naturalness and tradition, combined with the modern world is what they are offering here.

Any traveler who is looking for this, has certainly a great summer vacation in the middle of a fantastic nature and not far from Lake Constance.

A true active outdoor region, which also has a lot of culture to offer, and an ideal holiday destination for families and lovers of the good life.

Plaatsen Regio

Skigebieden Regio

Alberschwende Alberschwende Alberschwende Alberschwende
Andelsbuch Andelsbuch Alpenarena Hochhäderich Alpenarena Hochhäderich
Au - Schoppernau Au - Schoppernau Andelsbuch Bergbahnen Andelsbuch Bergbahnen
Bezau Bezau Bödele - Schwarzenberg Bödele - Schwarzenberg
Bizau - Hirschberg Bizau - Hirschberg Diedamskopf Diedamskopf
Damüls Damüls Hochlitten Riefensberg Hochlitten Riefensberg
Diedamskopf Diedamskopf Mellau - Damüls Mellau - Damüls
Doren Doren Schetteregg Schetteregg
Egg im Bregenzerwald Egg im Bregenzerwald Seilbahn Bezau Seilbahn Bezau
Hittisau Hittisau Sibratsgfäll Sibratsgfäll
Krumbach im Bregenzerwald Krumbach im Bregenzerwald Warth-Schröcken Warth-Schröcken
Langenegg Langenegg
Lingenau Lingenau
Mellau Mellau
Reuthe Reuthe
Riefensberg Riefensberg
Schwarzenberg Schwarzenberg
Sibratsgfäll Sibratsgfäll
Sulzberg Sulzberg
Warth - Schröcken Warth - Schröcken

Mountain Sports
A perfect area for various types of mountaineering.

The region offers, among other, very large opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.

Mountaineering here is nothing less than wonderful and fully enjoying outdoor activities between green hills and mighty mountains. Or enjoy it floating through the air.

Water Sports
For water sports, this is also a great region.

For example Swimming in the Bregenzerach, a swimming option that becomes more popular every year.

But the region offers many more opportunities for swimming in many lakes, outdoor pools and indoor pools.

Fishermen can find enormous opportunities for fishing in the region. For example in the Bregenzer Ache or Bolgenach.

Other water sports like rafting are possible.

Bregenzerwälder Käsestraße.
Start from Lingenau on a culinary expedition.

Taste along the famous "Bregenzerwälder Käsestraße" through the region. Go see several highlights such as architecture, culture and various events.

Winter sports Winter Mellau Damüls

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