Damüls Summer Vacation 1.431 meters

Vacation in Damüls

Damüls is a quiet mountain village.
Damüls offers visitors a great combination of power and mountains.

Because thats the way you'll see the mountains surrounding this picturesque village in the summer.

Halfway through heaven and earth in an untouched Alpine mountain region and surrounded by a mountain world that you almost nowhere else can experience so beautiful.

A quiet mountain village where you can spend the summer in harmony with man and nature.

Mountain Sports
A wonderful environment to enjoy the mountains, quaint villages, nature and lots of culture.

Around Damüls are numerous walking paths and trails for mountain bikers.

Water Sports
The Seewaldsee is a magical little lake, about 15 minutes from the village, and a unique nature experience.

Swimming, sunbathing, playing games or grilling, much is possible at the Seewaldsee. Fishing is possible in the Krumbach.

Trips and sights around the village are the Waldseilgarten, a lovely place where you can climb among the trees, and the children learning trail.

A special children's newspaper is available at the tourist office.

Winter sports Winter Mellau Damüls

Tourist information office

Dorf 138 6884 Damüls
Telefoon: +43 (0)5512 2365
Email: info@bregenzerwald.at
Internet: http://www.bregenzerwald.at/

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