Salzburg City Sightseeing

Salzburg Summer Vacation


In Salzburg there are a very large number of attractions that you really should see. Definitely recommend are

the Residence
the carillon
the Cathedral
the Franziskanerkirche
the Mozartplatz
the Horse Pond (Pferdeschwemme)
the Hofstallgasse
Castle Hohensalzburg (with museum and restaurant)
the monastery of St. Peter

You feel the history in all corners of the city. Every period has its own churches, towers, streets, and footprints. Also from the streetnames you can read a lot when it comes to events and people.

Art and Culture

The whole city is a big stage and you will discover that if you love art and culture, you will find happiness in Salzburg.


In the old city, Getreidegasse, Judengasse and traditional lanes, you can find many shops. Among them are old traditional shops but also international chains and small boutiques.