Sattendorf Treffen Hiking

Sattendorf - Annenheim Treffen Summer Vacation

Hiking Routes

Annenheim - Gerlitzen
time: ± 4 hours
medium route
From the last hairpin bend on the Mautstraße further on the marked road No 31 / 171 to the Steinwender Hütte. Just before the Vorderen Buchholzer Hütte turn right to the Gerlitzenhütte (No. 1762). Along the Ferienheim and intersection, and a piece of unmarked road which becomes Road No. 1764. Now through to the summit of the Gerlitzen. From the summit on road No. 1764 to the Pöllinger Hütte and Hotel Alpenrose, and back to the starting point.

Annenheim - Winklern
time: ± 3,5 hours
easy route
From Annenheim along the Julienhöhe to Seespitz. Along Treffen to Winklern.