Würflach Summer Vacation 436 meters

Vacation in Würflach

Würflach offers stunning views.
Würflach lies between the forested hills, at the end of the Steinfeld.

A village that offers stunning views of the surrounding area, with lots of activities and events.

Mountain Sports
The unique landscape that surrounds Würflach, is an ideal setting for walking, cycling or mountain biking.

Water Sports
The Terrassenbad comprises 15,000 m² water fun that is located on a southern slope, at the edge of the forest.

Worth seeing are the romantic Johannesbachklamm, "Kleine Kirche" or also called "Herz-Jesu-Kirche" and the parish church zur Hl. St. Anna.

Winter sports Winte Puchberg Schneeberg

Tourist information office

Sticklergasse 3 2734 Puchberg
Telephone: +43 (0)2636 225611
Internet: http://www.schneebergland.com

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