Sirnitz - Hochrindl

Sirnitz - Hochrindl - Albeck Summer Vacation 800 - 2.441 meters

Vacation in Sirnitz - Hochrindl - Albeck

Sirnitz - Hochrindl - Albeck offers crystal Clean air and a blue sky.
Crystal Clean air, blue sky, and lovely alpine pastures and countryside.

This provides Sirnitz - Hochrindl to all visitors.

Enjoy the mountains with a smell of fresh alpine flowers, the sound of rushing mountain streams and a color palette that you can see nowhere else.

Mountain Sports
Walking on green mountain pastures with a beautiful view, under a blue sky and along mountain lakes that glisten in the sunlight.

Or a trip to the top of the Nock mountains. Sports in the mountains is so incredibly beautiful!

Water Sports
The natural swimming pond is a pond where you can swim in the warm summer months.

Other opportunities for swimming and other water sports are offered in several large lakes in the region, such as the Ossiacher See.

Sirnitzer Watermill.
A popular excursion is the latest Sirnitzer Watermill at the Widitschbach.

The mill has been lovingly restored and partially rebuilt.

At the mill, special grinding daysare organised with guided tours.

Winter sports Winter Hochrindl

Tourist information office

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