Central Switzerland

Summer Vacation Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland is a combination of history and beautiful scenery.
Central Switzerland is the heart of this beautiful country, both geographically and as tourism is concerned. A beating heart You can say, as this area is bustling with activities and events.

Central Switzerland is a region that is predominantly Catholic, and German speaking, and includes the cantons of Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Lucerne and Uri. It is as it were the region around Lake Lucerne.

Northwest of Lake Lucerne, Central Switzerland is relatively flat, while on the other hand, in the east and south the area is much more mountainous. Therefore, and also because of the beautiful lakes in the region, it is an ideal destination for every summer and winter holiday.

An area also, where one of the key figures from Swiss history comes from, the legendary cross archer William Tell, who according to legend, shot an apple from the head of his son.

Central Switzerland is also the region where the UNSECO Biosphären-Reservat Entlebuch is a unique protected landscape with unique plants and animals.

Holiday regions

Andermatt Andermatt Ferienregion Entlebuch Ferienregion Entlebuch
Beckenried - Klewenalp Beckenried - Klewenalp Lungern - Schönbüel Lungern - Schönbüel
Engelberg Titlis Engelberg Titlis Melchsee - Frutt Melchsee - Frutt

Being active Outside

Experience the breathtaking nature.
A delicious combination of planar sections, hills and mountains. Ideal for various forms of mountaineering and other outdoor activities, where enjoying nature, plants and animals, and the view is paramount.

But also very good facilities for hikers, mountain bikers, paragliders, cyclists, and other outdoor sports.

Conveniently getting on top of the mountain, you can go up with one of the many cable cars, who are open mostly in summer. On top of the mountain you can stroll along narrow paths, or challenging explore the mountain on the mountain bike.

Lakes and other water sports

Unique water sports in a beautiful setting.
Central Switzerland has beautiful outdoor and indoor pools, different rivers for rafting, canyoning and opportunities for fishing.

In the area of water sports the lakes in the region attract the most tourists. With Lake Lucerne and other lakes, you have a lot of choice, and various water sports.

The lake is of course not only known for water sports, but also for its unique location and the possibilities to combine water sports with other activities during your holiday.

The best tips and Attractions

In the footsteps of the legendary William Tell.
Or William Tell really existed, there is no real evidence, but Central Switzerland is certainly an area that has many sights and attractions to offer, but also a rich culture and tradition.

One of those things that you simply must see if you are here on holiday, is Lake Lucerne. A unique opportunity to admire the lake and the lovely villages around the lake. Mount Titlis, both in the summer and winter, is also an adventure.

Other attractions include the monastery in Einsiedeln, the beautiful city of Lucerne, the Wildlife Park Goldau and the impressive Klausenpas.

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