Eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland Summer Holiday Resorts

Summer Vacation in Eastern Switzerland

The diverse landscape in eastern Switzerland.
Eastern Switzerland is known as a versatile holiday region, with plenty of attractions, and many recreational opportunities in the mountains and on the water.

This beautiful region is home to the glittering Lake Constance, the hills of the Appenzell region, and the beautiful Alps in the regions Toggenburg, Heidiland and the Glarnerland. And further away, near the Rhine Valley area is also the even nicer Vaduz, worldwide known for the impressive castle.

Eastern Switzerland is also known as a paradise for cyclists and mountain bikers, with a large network of trails and well-marked bike paths. For example along Lake Constance, where you can enjoy while you can see the quiet fishing villages.

This part of Switzerland is also renowned as a very family and child friendly holiday region, with plenty of trips and attractions, which both for children and for adults are very nice and impressive.

Holiday regions

Appenzellerland Appenzellerland Schaffhauserland Schaffhauserland
Braunwald Braunwald St. Gallen Bodensee St. Gallen Bodensee
Ferienregion Elm Ferienregion Elm Thurgau Bodensee Thurgau Bodensee
Heidiland Heidiland Toggenburg Toggenburg

Being active Outside

Cyclists and mountain bikers enjoy the beautiful trails.
Eastern Switzerland is best known for the extensive possibilities for cyclists and mountain bikers, but the region offeres also challenging and less challenging outdoor sports.

Hikers also find a large network of hiking trails. Sometimes through the valleys, sometimes uphill, and with the various cable cars you can also make use of the many hiking trails and paths over the mountains.

For example for a multi-day hut trip, or simply spend a day enjoying the beautiful views you can find on top of the mountains.

However, the region is ideally suited for real mountain sports, with numerous climbing routes, and opportunities for paragliding, rafting and canyoning.

Lakes and other water sports

The impressive Lake Constance offers various forms of water sports.
Lake Constance, Lake Walen, several other lakes and ponds, rivers and of course different indoor and outdoor pools, provide ample opportunities to enjoy during various forms of water sports.

Eastern Switzerland maybe even the region in this beautiful holiday destination, that has in the field of water sports the most to offer, whether you want to go rafting, fishing, sailing, surfing or want to go swimming.

In addition Lake Constance is most visited, especially since you can combine all kinds of sports and attractions during your holiday here. The lake is particularly large, and has many opportunities available, especially for swimming, sailing, windsurfing and fishing. And the villages around Lake Constance, offer a lot of culture and traditions, and also the typical Swiss cuisine.

The best tips and Attractions

A holiday that is full of moments to really enjoy.
Eastern Switzerland is traditionally a region that not only has a rich history, but also its own culture and traditions.

Very nice and somewhat creepy, especially for families with children, is the Toggenburg Legendeweg. But also he Heidipfad in Bad Ragaz and the playgrounds of Dwarf Baarti are fun for children.

The monastery complex in St. Gallen is a World Heritage site, with the beautiful baroque Basilica. The historic town of Schaffhausen, is highly recommended, while the small villages around Lake Constance are worth seeing.

Tourist Information

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