Bernese Oberland

Summer Vacation Berner Oberland

Summer Vacation Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is idyllic, warm and friendly.
The Bernese Oberland is a holiday destination for enjoyers. With idyllic villages that radiate warmth and traditions, and give you a sense of being home.

In the Bernese Oberland lie not just a few renowned villages, like Gstaad and interlaken, but also smaller villages that still are really authentic Swiss, and where life passes slowly as that happened ages ago.

Moreover, the Bernese Oberland is a travel destination that is ideally suited for families with children, because in the playground of Europe, as the region is often called, children are in charge.

Here children can still enjoy a holiday, as we often remind ourselves, without worry, with lots of activities, nice outdoor playing, every day new experiences, and then go to sleep with a satisfied feeling.

Such a holiday, of which the children at a later age still like to think back to, when they have become regular guest in the beautiful Bernese Oberland.

Holiday regions

Adelboden Adelboden - Frutigen Jungfrau Region Jungfrau Region
Ferienregion Gstaad Ferienregion Gstaad Kandertal Kandertal
Haslital Haslital Lenk - Simmental Lenk - Simmental
Interlaken Interlaken Thunersee Thunersee

Being active Outside

Hiking and cycling in the playground of Europe.
Because that is the Bernese Oberland also for anyone who likes to be engaged in active sports. A real playground, but then one with enormous possibilities for example hiking, cycling and mountain biking.

On many routes, sometimes easy, sometimes challenging straight up the mountain, but they always give a unique look at the beautiful scenery of this beautiful part of Switzerland.

Moreover, the infrastructure is tremendously good. So you can in different places go up the mountain comfortable with the cable car, to hike or mountain bike, and you can simply take up the bike with the gondola.

Lakes and other water sports

Watersports with in the background the beautiful mountains.
Numerous swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, are at your disposal in the Bernese Oberland, where not only because of the hot summers, living is good, but also because of the beautiful scenery that at any pool will show in the background.

The region also has a number of small and large lakes, such as the beautiful Lake Thun, which has an area of no less than 48 km². It is the largest lake in Switzerland, and offers ample opportunities for water sports, including sailing and surfing.

The best tips and Attractions

Enjoy a day away, and beautiful sightseeing.
The Bernese Oberland has some impressive sights to offer, while the region also is centrally located, making it easy to visit sights and attractions in the surrounding cantons, and even across borders.

Within the region, the Beatushöhlen am Thunersee is highly recommended. It is an impressive cave, where once lived the saint Beatus. Of the cave you can visit more than 1 kilometer corridor.

The wildlife park in Brienz is also a fun trip. The wildlife park was already founded in 1896, as part of the local woodcarving school so that the students could use the animals as a model for the carvings.

Tourist Information

Volkswirtschaft Berner Oberland
Jungfraustrasse 38 3800 Interlaken