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Adelboden - Frutigen: 1.350 meters

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Welcome to Adelboden - Frutigen
The famous villages Adelboden, in the Obersten Engstligental, and Frutigen, are indeed geographically separated, but are closely linked by the cable cars, ski lifts and beautiful walks.

A destination that both separately, or together, are an ideal destination for a great summer in the Swiss Alps, and a resounding Winter Vacation on beautiful slopes.

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Adelboden Adelboden Adelboden Adelboden
Frutigen Frutigen Elsigenalp - Metschalp Frutigen Elsigenalp - Metschalp Frutigen

Mountain Sports
An idyllic mountain landscape, which invites for tours through the valleys and the mountains, on well-maintained and marked trails for young and old.

Water Sports
Ample opportunities to enjoy a beautiful indoor swimming pool and a cozy outdoor swimming pool, like the Panoramaschwimmbad Gruebi.

Rösslipost, the nostalgia train. A step forward into the past, where you could still enjoy the tranquility and the slow transport in the horse cars of Robert Dänzer.

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