Summer Vacation Valais

Summer Vacation in Valais

Experience the unique mountain summer in Valais.
Valais offers a breathtaking high alpine mountain scenery, and the opportunity to experience the unique mountain summer. In the pure mountain air you realize how relaxing activities such as hiking, golf and mountain biking can be.

The mountains are high, higher than elsewhere in the Alps, and from the white glistening glaciers a cool breeze blows into the valleys. And the Rhone, which is fed by numerous streams from the sometimes steep side valleys, runs like a blue ribbon through Valais.

A fabulous holiday destination, that not only has an exceptionally beautiful landscape to offer, and countless activities for active holidaymakers, but also the typical culture, the many unique traditions, and especially the special way of life, found nowhere else in Switzerland.

Here you will experience a holiday by enjoying, get the ideal holiday feeling, and find understanding for nature and people. And that in a combination of water, mountains and vast vineyards and wineries. In Valais life is still as it once was everywhere.

Holiday regions

Anzère Anzère Ovronnaz Ovronnaz
Crans Montana - Aminona Crans Montana - Aminona Region Leukerbad Region Leukerbad
Evolène Région Evolène Région Saastal Saastal
Grächen - St. Niklaus Grächen - St. Niklaus Staldenried - Gspon Staldenried - Gspon
Veysonnaz Veysonnaz Vercorin Vercorin
Zermatt Zermatt

Being active Outside

8000 km of marked hiking trails.
Valais has more than 8,000 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails, a straight hiking paradise. Enjoy the exuberant landscape on hiking trails for all abilities, sporty or easily.

Here, possibly accompanied by a guide, you will be enchanted by a deeply moving alpine scenery, while enjoying the view of mountains such as the Dents du Midi, from blue mountain lakes, flowering alpine meadows, and authentic mountain villages with mostly wooden houses.

However, there are obviously more mountain sports possible in Valais, that for example also has an extensive network cycling routes and trails for mountain bikers to offer, and ample opportunities for mountain climbers and those who want to try this sport.

Lakes and other water sports

A special combination of water sports in the mountains.
Valais has numerous mountain lakes, which may not always be suitable for water sports, but ideal to relax after a long hike. A moment of reflection, while enjoying the sparkling water, with in the background the most beautiful mountains.

Also the various reservoirs, while offering few opportunities for water sports, are definitely worth to take a look at the "white gold". In addition, the region offers different types of active and less active water sports such as canyoning, rafting, sailing, or a cruise.

For those who want to enjoy a different way of water, and especially wellness, there are five thermal baths, Breiten, Brigerbad, Leukerbad, Ovronnaz and Saillon.

The best tips and Attractions

Culture and ancient traditions.
When the winter comes to an end, in Valais the time of the queens returns. Combative they come out of the stables to determine who is the boss of the herd. The cow contests are unique, just like the cheerful folk festivals. From late March to late September you can visit the these cow games, in several villages.

This shows already how much culture and traditions the region has to offer, besides a rich history. This history can still be seen in the various castles and fortresses, as well as in various museums, such as the glorious Valais Canton Museums.

Other attractions that you really must see, include the Gondo gorge, the bishop's castle in Leuk, Happyland in Granges, Aquaparc and Swiss Vapeur Parc in Le Bouveret, and the sleigh run Feeblitz in Saas-Fee.

Tourist Information

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