Grächen - St. Niklaus Summer Vacation Grächen - St. Niklaus: 1.617 - 2.868 meters

Vacation in Grächen - St. Niklaus

Grächen - St. Niklaus is ideal to forget the everyday stress.
In this village, you can enjoy the natural beauty.

Moreover, in and around the village are many Recreationmogelijkheden offered, and the infrastructure and facilities are very child friendly.

Children are treated like princes and princesses here, while parents have very good fun.

Mountain Sports
With the cable car you will easily and quickly get up in the mountains, where numerous walking paths and trails for mountain bikers as possible.

Water Sports
Hannigalp hotel features an indoor pool with a water temperature of 28 degrees.

The swimming pool in St. Niklaus, is open only limited.

The fairy cable car.
The cable car, with theme fairy tales, is an attraction in itself, and brings travelers quickly a beautiful hiking region.

A nice trip, is the SISU Family Park, which is on top of the Hannigalp. A park where you will surely enjoy, without any dull moment.

Winter Winter Grächen - St. Niklaus
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Dorfplatz 3925 Grächen
Telephone: +41 (0)27 9556060

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