Staldenried - Gspon

Staldenried - Gspon Summer Vacation Staldenried - Gspon: 1.052 meters

Vacation in Staldenried - Gspon

Staldenried - Gspon - The Vispertal.
Staldenried - Gspon is located in the front part of the Vispertal, directly above the intersection of the Saasertal and the Matter Valley.

This vacation destination lies not far from the famous vacation destinations Zermatt and Saas Fee.

Mountain Sports
The sunny location is ideal for taking advantage of the mountains and despite the high altitude, the climate is a little southern .

In the immediate vicinity you can enjoy hiking, mountain bike tours, and various other mountain sports.

Water Sports
In the region around the village, are larger vacation destinations. These villages offer beautiful pools and other water sports.

In the surrounding villages.
Nature is the biggest attraction. Other attractions are to be found in the surrounding villages such as in direction Zermatt.

Winter Winter Staldenried - Gspon
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Postfach 3933 3935 Staldenried
Telephone: +41 (0)27 952 1646

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