Engelhartstetten Summer Vacation 143 meters

Vacation in Engelhartstetten

Engelhartstetten lies before the gates of the city of Vienna..
Engelhartstetten is located near the beautiful National Park Donau-Auen, before the gates of the city of Vienna.

But the town has much more to offer than just the unique fauna of National Park Donau-Auen, as the two Baroque palaces, and many recreational activities.

Mountain Sports
Walking or cycling in the region around Engelhartstetten is a unique experience, where you can experience the beauty of the National Park Donau-Auen up close, and enjoy the unique and miraculous nature.

Water Sports
Unfortunately, the village has no pool or other water sports to offer.

Schloss Niederweiden.
Worth seeing are of course the National Park Donau-Auen, but also the pilgrimage church, Schloss Hof, the Florianikapelle, and the impressive Schloss Niederweiden.

Winter Winter Neder-Oostenrijk

Tourist information office

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