Fresach Summer Vacation 718 meters

Vacation in Fresach

Fresach is located on the sunny southern slope of the Mirnock.
Fresach is located on the sunny southern slope of the Mirnock, fog free, almost no wind and dust free.

The village is situated amidst the pine forests and meadows.

It is a famous village, the Olympic champion Franz Klammer comes from here. The village has a fun park and a karting circuit.

Mountain Sports
Around and on the Mirnock, but also on the Goldeck, and in the Nockberge National Park, you can enjoy plenty of mountain sports, such as hiking and mountain biking.

Water Sports
In Fresach itself is no water sports offered, but Lake Millstatt, with lots of possibilities on and in the lake, is not far.

Diocesan Museum.
In the evangelical Diocesan Museum 400 years history of Protestantism in Austria is exhibited.

The World Mountain Mirnock is located in an area packed with mythic encounters at the intersection of two geomantic lines, the monastery line and the cult line.

Incidentally, you can also go karting here.

Winter sports Winter Goldeck

Tourist information office

Marktplatz 14 9872 Millstatt
Telephone: +43 (0)4766 3700-0

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