Höflein an der Hohen Wand

Höflein an der Hohen Wand Summer Vacation 452 meters

Vacation in Höflein an der Hohen Wand

Höflein an der Hohen Wand is a real gem.
The municipality Höflein an der Hohen Wand includes the villages Oberhöflein Unterhöflein and Zweiersdorf, and is a real gem.

Beautifully situated on the edge of the Steinfeld and at the foot of the Hohe Wand.

The village is best known as a great destination to unwind, and enjoy a great holiday.

Mountain Sports
Thanks to its location at the foot of the Hohe Wand, and not far from the Schneeberg, Höflein is a very good destination for various mountain sports.

The region also has a number of beautiful hiking trails.

Water Sports
Although there are opportunities for skating in winter, in summer there are no water sports in the village.

Worth seeing are the Erbstollengedächtnisstätte in Unterhöflein and the Pilgrimage Church Maria Kirchbühel.

Winter sports Winter Puchberg Schneeberg

Tourist information office

Sticklergasse 3 2734 Puchberg
Telephone: +43 (0)2636 225611
Internet: http://www.schneebergland.com

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