Kötschach - Mauthen

Kötschach - Mauthen Kärntens Naturarena Summer Vacation 710 - 2.780 meters

Vacation in Kötschach - Mauthen

Kötschach - Mauthen is untouched and exciting.
Untouched and exciting, a magical landscape. If you are looking for a holiday to a exciting destination, you should come here.

The region has a lot to offer for a varied holiday. Thus Mauthen is since 2011 a mountaineers village and geologists can visit the Plöcken area.

Mountain Sports
A paradise for hikers, and other mountain sports. For example, the flowerwalk on the Mussen, where a sea of unique alpine flowers will raise a lot of surprise.

Water Sports
Rafting is a popular water sport, you can practice here very well (Fit & Fun Rafting Club).

The Aquarena offers an indoor pool, an outdoor pool and wellness. It is a welcome cooling in the hot summers.

Museum 1915 bis 1918 - Vom Ortler bis zur Adria.
Museum 1915 bis 1918 - Vom Ortler bis zur Adria. This museum displays a warning, why peace should be preserved and tells about the First World War.

Winter sports Winter Kötschach Mauthen

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