Kärntens Naturarena

Ferienregion Kärntens Naturarena Summer Vacation 550 - 1.200 meters

Vacation in Kärntens Naturarena

Summer, Sun and cooling down, which is offered in Kärntens Naturarena.
And with 2 beautiful lakes, the Pressegger See and the Weissensee, this is a very pleasant part of Carinthia to spend your summer holiday.

The water in the lakes is of drinking quality, and invites you for various types of water sports such as swimming or a dragon boat ralley.

The region also offers rafting and canyoning.

But the combination of water sports with various forms of mountaineering makes the region particularly popular with vistors.

Virtually everything is possible here, from mountain climbing to a quiet hike on one of the many hiking trails.

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Weissensee Weissensee

Mountain Sports
Of course the water sports activities on the two lakes are huge here, but the region also offers enormous opportunities for mountaineering.

Many beautiful hikes are expelled (1000 kilometers of marked hiking trails), and the region is known for its unique flora and fauna with many rare plants.

Mountain sports here is a look at 500 million years of Earth's history. That makes canyoning in this area something special.

Water Sports
On the Pressegger See and the famous Weissensee a lot of water sports is offered.

The region is also known for its excellent rafting opportunities, which is definitely recommended.

The Peaceroad.
The Peaceroad (Friedensweg) is a walk along the original Austrian - Italian front in WWI.

Troops from both countries were hidden deep in the mountains (caves etc.).

The outdoor museum and the hiking trail illustrate how hard the lives of the soldiers was.

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