Malta Summer Vacation 834 meters

Vacation in Malta

Malta is a small village.
Malta is a small village, but with a great history.

Here your vacation is turned into a nature experience.

Whether you go through the raw Felsenschlucht or the green Tallage, the impressive waterfalls or the eternal ice of the glaciers.

Here you'll come to rest between all that beauty, and learn to rediscover nature.

Mountain Sports
Around Malta lies a landscape, that you can discover during hiking or while touring on mountain bike.

You can also make a tandem jump, if you want to try out paragliding.

Water Sports
The outdoor swimming pool is not far from the campsite, and is open from mid-May until end september.

Tal der stürzenden Wasser.
The Hochalmstraße and Kölnbreinsperre, Tal der stürzenden Wasser - Malteiner Wasserspiele, Faschaunerhof am Maltaberg, Burg Mallentein met Rauhenfest, Ödenfest en Edenfest and the Karner von Malta, are some possible trips in this village.

Winter sports Winter Innerkrems

Tourist information office

Nr 13 9854 Malta
Telephone: +43 (0)4732 2222

Surrounding Villages
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