Oberhofen im Inntal Summer Vacation 625 meters

Vacation in Oberhofen im Inntal

Oberhofen im Inntal is well known for a vacation on the farm.
Oberhofen im Inntal is a secret tip for a peaceful holiday right at the Inn.

The village is well known for a vacation on the farm.

In the village itself there are several active farmers, cultivating the fields surrounding the village.

The houses are decorated with typical Tyrolean flowers, and give the town a truly rural character.

Mountain Sports
The scenery around Oberhofen im Inntal is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and cycling. The cute little roads around the village, are easy walking and cycling paths.

Water Sports
Water sports are not offered in the village itself, but there are several pools in the region, and rafting is available on the Inn.

The parish church.
The parish church is, thanks to the renovations in the years 1972 - 1973 and 1979 - 1981, a fully restored Baroque building, with several unique elements.

Winter sports Winter Hinterfeldlift Mösern

Tourist information office

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