Umhausen Hiking

Umhausen Niederthai Ötztal Summer Vacation

Hiking Routes

Ötztaler Urroad
De Ötztaler Urweg is a walk through restored ancient origins in the Ötztal. The part in Umhausen runs from Tumpen to Umhausen, and continues through Köfels or Stuiben-Niederthai to Längenfeld.

time: ± 3,5 hours
medium route
From the Bischofsplatz along traditional Waalweg to the Stuiben waterfall. From the waterfall you can descend to Niederthai and Weiler Höfle.

time: ± 45 minuts
medium route
The Wasserwaalweg is more than one hundred years old, and a hand dug irrigation, which formerly was used for the irrigation of the meadows and fields. The channel and the hikingroute go in the direction of the Stuiben Waterfall. The walk starts at the Bischofsparkplatz.