Weer  Summer Vacation 500 - 560 meters

Vacation in Weer

Weer lies between meadows and woods.
The small village Weer lies between meadows and woods in a beautiful area filled with special moments of nature.

A village, that especially for sports and nature, is very popular, and offers various recreational activities and provides for a great summer vacation, where tranquility is an important part.

Mountain Sports
Up to the juicy pastures, or even further to the peaks of the Karwendel mountains and the Tuxer mountains. And along the way you can view the abundant plants and animals.

That's mountaineering in its most pure form, and which you can experience here around the lovely village Weer.

Water Sports
An ideal destination for mountaineering, unfortunately not for water sports. There are some small streams around the village, but real water sports can be found merely in the surrounding villages.

The history of the churches in the village.
St. Gallus is one of the most important Rococo churches in Tyrol.

The history of the churches in the village is closely linked to the monastery at Feichten near Schwaz and the original parish in Kolsass.

Skiurlaub Winter Kellerjochbahn

Tourist information office

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Surrounding Villages
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