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Diesbach - Betschwanden: 600 meters

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Vacation in Diesbach - Betschwanden

Welcome to Diesbach - Betschwanden
Diesbach - Betschwanden is a holiday destination for those seeking peace and relaxation in the Swiss mountains. Many recreational opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers.

Mountain Sports
High in the mountains of eastern Switzerland, many mountain sports are offered, making your holiday the ultimate experience in active recreation.

Water Sports
Mountain Streams are always exciting to enjoy the cool, sometimes fast flowing water. Outside the immediate region, there are also a number of fun outdoor pools.

The Alpine Klettergarten is located at the foot of the Eggstock south wall, and features 40 different climbing routes.

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Tourist information office

784 Braunwald
Telephone: +41 (0)55 6536565
Internet: http://www.braunwald.ch

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