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Gampel - Bratsch Summer Vacation
Gampel - Bratsch: 634 meters

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Welcome to Gampel - Bratsch
The idyllic village Gampel - Bratsch is on the right side of the valley, where the Lonza flows into the Rhone. A nice and charming village, an ideal starting point for several walks, for example into the Lötschertal.

Mountain Sports
The region offers great opportunities for mountaineering. For hikers and mountain bikers there are many routes available, and by the services of the lift in the summer, mountain hikes are very easy to make.

Water Sports
Water sports in this region is something unique. The family-friendly pool offers everything to make a family vacation something special, and really do relax in the thermal baths with delicious watertemparaturen on 365 days in the year.

Kräuterwanderweg. Learn to know the different wild plants and herbs in the region, on the herbs theme route from the mountain station Rinderhütte to the middle station of the gondola.

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Tourist information office

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Telephone: +41 (0)27 4727171

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