Kollerschlag Summer Vacation 726 meters

Vacation in Kollerschlag

Kollerschlag heeft veel te bieden.
Kollerschlag is a holiday destination that has much to offer, and it is the birthplace of the poet Norbert Hanrieder.

The landscape in this region is particularly attractive, with its beautiful colors and impressive rocks.

Ideal for hiking, and resting in nature.

Mountain Sports
Beautiful hiking trails surround Kollerschlag, such as the walk to the Schwärzteig, where stories of smugglers and customs are doing the rounds, and the walk along the Stoanaweg.

Water Sports
The swimming pool, Freibad im Kollerado, is heated using solar energy, has a sunbathing area, a wide slide of 8 meters wide, and various other facilities.

De parochiekerk.
The parish church was built in 1787 until 1800 in a late Gothic style, and is the holy Josef dedicated.

The high altar is very special, and the altar picture, that reveals the death of the holy Josef.

Winter Winter Hochficht

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