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Lavin: 1.432 meters

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Vacation in Lavin

Welcome to Lavin
Lavin lies on the south side of the Vereina tunnel, between Susch and Guarda. The village is the ideal place for hiking on both sides of the valley, and in the National Park.

Mountain Sports
A paradise for anyone who wants to enjoy mountain sports at the highest level, such as at the National Park Bike Marathon.

Water Sports
Erlebnis Bad "Bogn Engiadina Scuol". Enjoy everything that makes life beautiful on hot summer days, in the mineral water that makes this region so famous.

The Val Sinestra is a unique hiking area, with plenty of unique attractions including the the Uinaschlucht and the rare sand pyramids.

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Tourist information office

Stradun 7550 Scuol
Telephone: +41 (0)81 8612222

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