Obersaxen Mundaun

Obersaxen Mundaun Summer Vacation
Obersaxen Mundaun: 1.100 - 2.900 meter Hoogte

Winter Winter Obersaxen

Vacation in Obersaxen Mundaun

Welcome to Obersaxen Mundaun
Obersaxen Mundaun is located in an inspiring nature, and is a village where you can still enjoy the crisp, refreshing and healthy air. A varied holiday destination in the summer months, and for the winter.

Mountain Sports
A destination where you will not be disturbed by the many tourists, and therefore still authentically can enjoy various mountain sports offered here.

Water Sports
In the area surrounding the village, there are several pools and lakes to enjoy various water sports.

Worth seeing are the old mines, where in medieval times miners were digging, and the Rufalipark, a beautiful indoor playground.

Accommodations Accommodations Obersaxen Mundaun

Tourist information office

Postfach 50 7134 Obersaxen Meierhof
Telephone: +41 (0)81 332222
Email: obersaxen@surselva.info
Internet: http://obersaxen.surselva.info

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