Rietz Summer Vacation 674 meters

Vacation in Rietz

Rietz is located in the middle of a beautiful backdrop of mountains.
Rietz is a lovely village that is located in the middle of a beautiful backdrop of mountains, meadows and forests in the Inn Valley.

Picturesque alleys and streets that invite for a walk, are witness of the original charm of this village, and characterized by the many churches and old buildings.

The Antonius Church is a uniquely situated sanctuary, where many weddings take place.>

Mountain Sports
Ample opportunities for mountain biking or hiking through the valley, and some very nice opportunities uphill. Such as the scenic route to the Peter Anich Hütte.

Water Sports
No water sports in Rietz, but in the surrounding villages, for example in the Waldbad in the a bit further away village Haiming.

The Kalvarienberg.
Definitely worth to visit are the local attractions St. Anthony Church, the Heimat Museum and the Kalvarienberg, by the people affectionately called "Bargl".

Winter sports Winter Hinterfeldlift Mösern

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