Safiental Summer Vacation
Safiental: 1.100 - 2.900 meters

Winter Winter Safiental

Vacation in Safiental

Welcome to Safiental
The Safiental is a destination to explore. A wonderful landscape, where the famous Alpine cheese is made, which is synonymous with the versatile nature in this part of Switzerland.

Mountain Sports
A destination where you will not be disturbed by the many tourists, and therefore still authentically can enjoy various mountain sports offered here.

Water Sports
In the area surrounding the village, there are several pools and lakes to enjoy various water sports.

A valley that has many special moments to offer to her guests, even using Lamas and other unique natural moments.

Accommodations Accommodations Safiental

Tourist information office

7104 Arezen
Telephone: +41 (0)81 6306016

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